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#BTS at the 2021 Living Windows Holiday Selfie Pop-Up at The Atrium On Tenth

What a weekend!

I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see so many people come out for our 1st ever Holiday Pop-Up at The Atrium On Tenth for the District's 2021 Living Windows Festival!

This event was a collaboration between The Atrium On Tenth and Selfie Love - Columbia, MO's 1st ever Selfie Museum - set to open this Spring in downtown Columbia, MO.

Selfie Love Owners Lisa Wampler (left) and Destiny McKnight (right) at the 2021 Living Windows Holiday Selfie Pop-Up at The Atrium On Tenth | Columbia, MO | Photo by: @billiestockphotography

Selfie Love is the brainchild of 2 local female entrepreneurs: Lisa Wampler - owner of Blue Diamond Events, XSIV Entertainment, and Columbia Music Lessons; and Destiny McKnight - owner of InCast Marketing, Airmagination, and Those Neon Girls.

Both fiercely talented, hard working businesswomen already work in the event industry, rent out photo booths, and set up photo backdrops for weddings and events of all kind. Destiny's balloon and neon sign businesses and Lisa's event planning and entertainment work already fit in perfectly with the new business venture.

"For us it was simple. We absolutely LOVED the idea of our community having a selfie museum, and we thought who better than the two of us to team up and open Columbia, MO's 1st ever Selfie Museum?!" - Lisa W.

So many people have asked us what is a selfie museum and why are you bringing it to Columbia, MO.

Selfie Museums are the hottest new trend in entertainment that's quickly taking over large cities and Instagram walls everywhere!

A selfie studio is a photography studio / trendy art museum, that houses multiple "photo booth backdrops on steroids!" LOL

It's a place where guests come to take flawless photos in our immersive selfie sets, with the aid of our professional quality ring lights, and helpful selfie attendants.

And it's not just for kids, content creators and college students! Families, photographers, local artists, corporate teams, school field trips, greek and private groups can all rent out the space for their very own private selfie entertainment experience!

Selfie Love is the first ever permanent immersive ‘selfie’ exhibit to arrive in CoMO! Create everlasting memories and #loveyourselfie!


Our Holiday Selfie Sets

The Patio:

The Patio | Holiday Selfie Set Build Inspo

Merry & Bright:

Candy Cane Lane:

Starry Night:

Starry Night | Holiday Selfie Set Build Inspo

A Christmas Story:

Silver & Gold:


Below is just a handful of the behind the scenes photos our team captured during the event: